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Environmental Remediation Services for Soil

Stepp's Environmental Response offers a comprehensive line of environmental
remediation services.

SER possesses pervasive capabilities and proficiency in the remediation of sites with contaminated soil, cleanup, characterizing and disposing of waste.

Our staff is experienced in identifying the most cost effective and economical solutions for your project needs. We take a encompassing path to every project, providing effective project planning, convenient scheduling, and professional on-site performance in order to reduce your companies liability.


      •        Stabilization and Containment
      •        Contaminated Soil Excavation
      •        Environmental Restoration
      •        Analytical Sampling

Spill Response Services Include:

      •        Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
      •        Emergency and non-emergency spill clean up
      •        Excavation Services
      •        Transportation and Disposal Services

Stepp's is proud to have served the following organizations. Refrences are available at your request and include, FBI, DEA, madd, HCSO, Nascar & HCFD


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